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Please pray and offer sacrifice for the Cursillo team and Cursillo candidates. The next men's 3-Day Cursillo will be Mar. 16-19. The next women's Cursillo will take place May 18-21.  Cursillo weekends are held at beautiful Camp Lawrence,
in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gary, Indiana

Palanca is the lever that moves the world. It is the spiritual support given in the form of prayer, sacrifice or action for a certain intention. Some examples of palanca include:
  • praying the rosary
  • praying before the blessed sacrament
  • spending time in Adoration
  • fasting/abstinence
  • donating time/talents/treasure
Please offer Palanca for the success of the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Gary, for Candidates and Potential Candidates for our upcoming men's and women's weekends, for the 3-day teams, volunteers, and all of those who support the movement, and for all upcoming 3-day Cursillo weekends across the country and around the world. We especially pray for conversion of hearts to Christ, particularly for those who perpetuate war in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Central African Republic, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Mexico.
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