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The Men's and Women's Teams are now in formation. Are you interested in attending, helping with the weekend, or sponsoring someone to attend our Cursillo weekend retreat? Fill out the application below or email

To explain the Cursillo, which is Spanish for "short course", to someone who has not experienced it is, at best, difficult - not because Cursillo is a secret, but because it is a living experience only fully understood when experienced first hand. It is like the sacraments. Someone can explain them to you, but that only helps the experience. It does not replace the experience.

The Cursillo experience is unique to each person because no one can fully explain how God touches a person. Christ, through the Cursillo and through His grace, touches the person who is open to a personal relationship with Him in a special way and the person is never the same after as they were before.

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Our journey begins prior to the Cursillo Weekend. Teams gather to prepare and ask Christ for his special guidance and inspiration.

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The Cursillo Weekend is sure to bring us closer to Christ and provide us with tools to help strengthen our relationship.


Making the Cursillo is just the start of our journey. The Weekend was designed as the beginning of our ongoing relationship with Christ.